Monday, January 24, 2011

Got a lot done today...

When I got up, Mr Potatohead had rearranged the living room, again, making it more accessible in several ways.

This update freed up several boxes I had been unable to get to before, and I was able to sort several and empty at least two entirely.

My donate/freecycle bin is overflowing.  I have someone coming over probably on Wednesday to look through the stuff and see what she can take home with her.  Someone picked up a bagful of school supplies yesterday, and also took some stuff off the front porch, so it's going away.

Also got several new items listed on Amazon, neither books nor CD/DVDs.  We'll see how that branching out thing works for us.  Kids had some diapers and other stuff they got as gifts that they can't or won't use, so I'm listing it on Amazon, since it's easy as pie to sell it there.

On a less positive note, those roaches are starting to impinge on my reality again.  That "cleanout" the apartment pest control did was not effective.  So far, it's mostly the tiny ones, just hatched and easy to kill, but I've seen a few grown females, and I am not looking forward to having to climb furniture to kill the ones that like to walk around the edges of the ceiling after Mr Potatohead's gone to Basic.  Just kitchen and bathroom, as far as I've seen.  I could maybe handle the ones in the bathroom, as they've been very sporadic, but the ones in the kitchen just creep me out.  I feel compelled to wash everything I take out of the cabinet before I use it, because I just don't know what's been crawling in it.  Well, enough of that.  I'm starting to get the creepies.