Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bzz - Dymo Labelmaker - followup

OK.  I got this at the end of December and Bzzed about it then with a preview.

I've used this labelmaker for several weeks now and LOVE it, with one caveat:  it's not qwerty.

It holds well in my hand, being neither too heavy nor too light.  It runs on either batteries (Li-Ion replaceable battery) or AC power, and the battery recharges quickly.  It uses the same DYMO label cassettes that other DYMO products use and the cassette is clearly labeled with color and size.

I can change the font (three choices) or the size of the font.  I can print multiples of the same label.  I can save the label to use later.  The label can have multiple lines of print.  I can italicize, bold, underline, put letters in a box.  The labels are clean and crisp.

In short, it's a pretty amazing labelmaker!  For me, though, it's supertough to find letters on the "keyboard" when it's it's in alphabetical order with an arbitrary seven letters on each line.  I'm having a lot of trouble adjusting to that.  Because of that one small thing, making a label is a bit time-consuming, and it seriously detracts from my enjoyment of this labelmaker.

I'm going to keep working with it while the BzzCampaign is going on, and then I might have a little giveaway.  Would you be interested in winning this labelmaker?

DYMO Label Manager LM260P label Printer, Black /Gray (1754490)