Monday, January 24, 2011

Book Review: Torn Apart by Sharon Sala

Katie and J.R. are a married couple in Bordelaise, Louisiana.  The couple has a deep love for one another and solid commitment to the marriage and to raising their son together.  They are experiencing some realistic problems - he's away from home a lot for his job, and she's still grieving over her parents' deaths.

Life throws in a monkey wrench, as life is wont to do, and this seemingly tiny thing puts a serious crimp in the marriage, leaving the two living apart, with neither willing to move forward on a divorce.

On Dad's weekend with Bobby, a big storm hits, one that does serious damage in the Gulf of Mexico, and touches down twisters in other parts of Louisiana, including Bordelaise.  As this twister rocks through Bordelaise, Katie and J.R.'s son, Bobby, goes missing.

Now, we get to the meat of the book.

What happens next is heartbreaking, and yet shows the lengths to which people will go for each other in times of life-threatening peril.  The story of how Katie finds herself, and how J.R. returns to Bordelaise, and how together they find Bobby is gripping and heart-wrenching and life-affirming, and unstintingly straightforward.  Sala tackles two incredibly difficult subjects - child abuse and mental illness, and does it without hesitation.

If this book is a random sample of the caliber of Sala's writing, I cannot recommend her highly enough.  I'd never read anything by Sharon Sala before, and I'm going to hit the library to find some more, as quickly as I can.  I hope the rest are as good as this one.

I got this book in a free sample pack of books from MIRA.  MIRA offers these trial packs to anyone, and had no expectation that I would do anything for them in return.

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