Monday, November 22, 2010

Now that four whole entire DAYS have disappeared....

I have nothing really exciting to report.

My feet are swelling up a lot.  I'm in a lot more pain than usual.  I'm not sleeping worth a damn.

But, on the other hand, I've been approved as an affiliate for Harlequin.  I'll put a few banners or buttons or something on here somewhere.   Fair warning.

I've been spending time with Baby Potatohead, which necessitates doing nothing else at the same time, in general.  I suppose I could do other stuff, but unless he's asleep, what's the point?

Speaking of Baby Potatohead, he's six weeks old, and I think he's started teething already.  Sheesh!  He can stand already, just not on his own quite yet.  He's almost sitting up, but still has problems with his balance.

He likes Madonna music videos from the 80's, probably because she makes some of the same sounds as he does.  lol  His favorite is Like a Virgin.  I like the song, but the video is a little bit, hmm, weird.

Anyway, I have other things to write about today, and have to pack for our turkey day road trip.  Our second annual trip to host Air Force recruits.  I really enjoyed Thanksgiving last year at my high school girlfriend's house, and plan to do this as often as possible.  I'll miss traditional Thanksgiving dishes at my parents' house, but won't miss the atmosphere of being the least favorite child in the family.

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