Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Focus

Today was pretty much all watching baby, all day.  Very late shower.  Brief trip to the post office to mail eBay packages.  Text on the way home asking for dinner items, so a little side trip to the grocery store.  After that, a wee detour to pick something up from my parents.  I leave my parents house and get around the corner, come to a complete stop at the stop sign, and hit the gas pedal.  Sputter, sputter, cough, roll back.  Yep, I've run out of gas!  What the hell?  Several texts and phone calls later, in-laws bring me a gas can with a gallon of gas, and I thank them profusely and get back in the car.  Turn the key and clickclickclickclick.  Yes, the battery is dead.  Dad is at the grocery store, and will bring his jumper cables as soon as he gets home. Half an hour later, I'm finally on my way home.

Thus does my brief trip to the post office take three hours to complete.

At least I got spaghetti out of the deal.

Speaking of spaghetti, I was reminded recently how much I liked spaghetti the way my mom made it, so we've been making it that way for a couple of months.  I got a huge jar of Prego on sale last week, so we had Prego spaghetti tonight.  First time I've had it in a while.  I like mom's better, even if it does come out of a packet.