Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Books: Surrendered to the Pack/Claimed by the Pack by Anna Craig

I received Surrendered to the Pack and its sequel, Claimed by the Pack, via RomanceArcade, in exchange for an honest review.

I'm not a big fan of serials, especially the ones which leave off right in the middle of an important scene, so I was prepared not to like this one much.

I found it a pleasant surprise to be mistaken. There were a few errors, which I've come to expect in indie pubs, but the cliche concept wasn't quite cliche.

Cassandra is this year's Surrender to the local Wolf Pack. She's twenty-two and still a virgin, but she's not completely without sexual experience. That seems to make her a bit less trepidatious than she might have been otherwise.

She's accompanied to the Pack's house, and the claiming proceeds as expected, until Trevor, the Alpha, does something no one sees coming.

The sex scenes are fairly well-written, focusing more on the sensations and emotions than the Tab A, Slot B mechanical side of things, and thought it's a "lust at first sight" trope, the author makes no effort to turn this into a "love at first sight" thing, which I greatly appreciated.

The book is the first part of a serial, and the book does end without resolving the whole story, but it does not end in the middle of a scene. Though I wanted to continue reading, and thankfully can, since I have the second one as well, I did not want to throw my Kindle at the wall for the abrupt, mid-scene endings I've seen in other serials.

As with almost all indies, Craig could use a good editor to clean up misspellings and some awkward sentence structure, but the story itself kept my attention throughout.


This is the second in the Wicked Mountain Wolf Pack serial, which I received via RomanceArcade in exchange for an honest review.

The story is still compelling, and the titular claiming was not what I expected. Yay!

There were a few more errors in the beginning of this part than in the first part, but I noticed far fewer as the story progressed. Still, there were some awkwardly phrased sentences which an editor could have smoothed out.

This part of the serial DID end right in the middle of a scene, and though that's sort of irritating, I think I know enough from these first two parts that I can make some educated guesses about how Cassandra's going to extricate herself from the unfortunate circumstances.

I did still enjoy the story, and if you are a fan of serials, I recommend this one.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Books: Magic... by Ilona Andrews

I've been finishing these so fast, I'm just going to throw them all in one update.

Magic Strikes
The mystery of Kate is solved! It wasn't a surprise, but it was quite a doozy.

Saiman is his usual trickster self here, though we get some insight into his backstory, too.

The friendships between Kate and various Pack members are solidified in different ways, and Julie has a cameo.

Nice movement forward as far as Kate goes. I'm already on to the next. lol

Magic Bleeds
Kate faces an ethical dilemma in this one, and I like the way it's resolved. It'll take her in a slightly different but not entirely new direction.

Her big bad is someone closer than she expects, and it's an interesting opponent for her, with some personal consequences.

I'm already on to the next book. Can't wait to see how they up the ante in this one.

Magic Slays
Wow. They really went all out with this one. Kate's firmly ensconced in her new offices, practically bored out of her skull, simultaneously adjusting to her new role as Curran's official mate.

This time, the big bad comes closer than ever, and it takes everything Kate's got and then some to come up with a solution.

I'm definitely enjoying this series, though it's got more errors than I like to see in a professionally published book. I think there's only one left, and I'll have to get that one in print, unfortunately.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Book: Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews

The stakes were bigger in this one, and I liked the way all the pieces fit together to both make this story work and move Kate forward in her own personal arc.

The mystery of Kate's origins will become tedious if it continues to be held out as a carrot for this reader. I want clues or for it not to be the burden Kate believes it will be.

I also want some personal growth. She needs to realize her relationships with others are a strength rather than a weakness.

I'm enjoying the universe/characters enough to keep reading. On to the third, which I've already loaded to my Kindle from the library!