Saturday, July 18, 2015

Book: Revealed by Sennah Tate

I received a free digital copy of Revealed from Romance ARCade in exchange for an honest review.

Revealed is Isabel and Aaron’s story. The segment opens with Izzy and Aaron at odds with each other over a kiss. Izzy remembers it vividly, and Aaron says it never happened. The argument gets acrimonious and begins to splinter the group’s cohesion.

This book was uneven: the bones of the story continue to be good, but there were more mistakes in this part of the story.

The big problem between Isabel and Aaron is based on one of my least favorite tropes - a complete lack of open communication. Their behavior toward each other is childish and petty, and made them seem more like hormone-driven teenagers than adults. Aaron was especially obnoxious, and the ongoing hostilities left me much more interested in the overarcing antagonist than in whether or not Izzy and Aaron would get their crap together.

Once the group was no longer distracted by their animosity, they began to see patterns and learn more about Preston Waters and how it might be possible to stop him.

Despite the lack of polish, I am interested in the overall story arc, and I will read the next segment.