Thursday, January 31, 2013

Book: The Fetish Box, Parts One and Two by Nicole Camden

Formatting kinda sucks, and that matters to me.

Part One and Part Two are both pretty short, so I'm unclear on why this series is being published as separate parts.  I imagine Part Three is also fairly short.

Part One ends right when Mary gets in the house with John, the same day she arrives.

Writing is a bit uneven, with places where words are overused and there’s extraneous detail.  Point of view jumps a bit, even within chapters, though it got less confusing the further I read.

Part Two starts out at the exact moment that Part One ends, with the sexual encounter between John and Mary, and gets right to business.

It also ends at a critical point in the story, the day after she arrives.

The plot is different - young girl inherits a couple of businesses from a mom she never knew, and moves lock, stock and barrel across the country to run them.  They are not really what she expects, though the surprise is a pleasant one, and she is up for the challenge.  The secondary and tertiary characters are interesting enough that I'd like to get to know some of them better, though the two parts I read focus on Mary, John and Max.

Much as I might like to get to know these characters better, I don’t enjoy waiting for bits and pieces to roll out, divided at unnatural stopping places.

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