Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review: Tampax Radiant tampons

I got a sample pack from Vocalpoint of Tampax Radiant tampons.

These particular tampons come in resealable packets, and are contained in colorful insertion tubes.

My period is less regular these days, and so I didn't get the opportunity to try them out as quickly as I planned.

Though I like the idea of the resealability, I don't like it in reality - the seal has a mind of its own, and closes itself randomly, making one-handed disposal of the used insertion tube pretty much impossible.

The insertion tube colors are pretty, though I really don't get the need to make them all pretty.  I mean, it's my period.  Who cares what color the damn things are?

I have the same issues with these Radiant tampons as with other Tampax tampons - they expand only sideways, in panels, rather than in one contained more or less tubular pattern.  For me, this expansion has two problems:  it makes them uncomfortable to wear (whoever says you can't feel tampons when you're wearing them is lying like a rug), and makes one more difficult to extract when a change is necessary.  In addition to that, the samples I tried didn't have a knot in the string.  This made a tampon change take nearly five minutes, most of which was pulling at, and losing my grip on, the extraction string.  Not fun!  And grrrrr!

They are usable, and will do in a pinch, but I won't be running out to buy them, and I'll be passing the coupon on to someone else.

For comfort and fit and leakage protection, Playtex Sport is still tops on my list.  Of course, not having a period anymore would be the very top, but.....

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