Thursday, May 24, 2012

Book: Wild and Steamy - various authors

Of the three stories in this anthology, I actually only enjoyed Vixen, the middle story.

The first story, The Blushing Bounder, was so confusing at first, that I put it aside (figuratively, since this was a Kindle edition) and moved on to read other things I found more interesting. After a few weeks, the fact that I had not finished this one began to irk me, so I made myself read it. Not my cup of tea. This was the first steampunk story I'd ever read, and apparently, I'm not a fan.

Vixen was a cute little romp, with wonderful sexual tension, a realistic mother/daughter relationship, and good characterization. It had a leg up on the others, because I already read and enjoy shifter fiction. I would enjoy reading more about these four characters and their continuing lives.

Kitten-tiger and the Monk was least enjoyable. I understood the dystopian world in which the story was set, but I just didn't give a rip about the characters, not even when they were in mortal danger.

All three stories were well-written, just two of them not all that appealing this to particular audience.

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