Thursday, May 24, 2012

Book: Dirrty by Celia Juliano

Dirrty was well-written. Much better than I expected with a title like Dirrty. No typos or incorrect homonyms. Obviously professionally edited. The biggest obstacle to me loving this book was that the main female character was married, until the last two pages, and not to her love interest. I'd get sucked into the story, then get sucked back out because I couldn't believe that a grown woman had this little self-control.

Chiara (sometimes called Claire) is unhappy in her marriage. She decides to flirt a little as she passes a local construction site on her way to pick up her boys at school. But then she takes it to the next level almost immediately, and embarks on this full-fledged affair with Rocco, complete with sneaking off to have sex in his parents' garage while the whole extended family is in the house for a family dinner. Some of the dialogue between Chiara and Rocco was more than a little cheesy, but I think that was actually on purpose, considering the quality of the rest of the book.

Hey, I've been there. A woman sometimes feels the need to flirt a little, feel appreciated or attractive, know that the unhappiness at home is not because of something lacking in her. But then, a woman has to be an adult. Think about the consequences of her actions and whether or not she can handle those consequences.

In the end, things worked out for Chiara and Rocco, but I kept expecting them not to. I mean how often does a woman end up happily attached to the man with whom she started an affair while she was still married? Yes, it happens sometimes, but more often ends badly. Many of the obstacles to their mutual happiness seemed forced or manufactured, and their care for each other frenetic rather than natural. As deep as I'd get into the story, I still wouldn't always believe what was happening.

So, four stars for the quality of the writing and the way the author kept me reading to the end, even though I didn't particularly like Chiara or her relationship with Rocco. Your mileage may vary.