Friday, April 8, 2011

Movie: Unknown

I did some mystery shops last fall and still had a balance on my gift card for the local dollar movie (which is no longer a dollar, but is still way cheaper than the regular movie).  Anyway, I decided to get out of the house and go see Unknown, with Liam Neeson.

I like Liam Neeson.  And, as I have no doubt said before, I am easily entertained.  I liked Unknown - the action, the slightly spotty plot, the contrived coincidences - all of it.  Aidan Quinn was not at his best in this movie, but I greatly enjoyed the former Stasi officer, whose (acting) name I do not know.

I was astounded to walk into the theater and find a complete row of empty seats, to which I proceeded, only to find it was inhabited entirely by children.  Young children, too short to be seen from behind the seat.  There were a LOT of children in this movie, more than the number of parents would indicate.   I finally sat in the very back, in a single seat.  There was a family, an entire family, who sat on the floor behind me.  This family included several small children, noisily opening their multiple plastic-covered nachos and hot dogs, and a crawling, unhappy baby.  Yes, the baby was crawling on the theater floor.  Can I just say ewwwwwwww?  That was all very distracting, and I wondered why the family didn't take the snacks outside the theater to open them.  I mean, they left the theater to buy them, so why not open them right outside the door, where the back six rows of people didn't have to turn around at the very loud noise?  For that matter, why did they take their children to this fairly violent movie?

Maybe I'm just hopelessly stuck in the past when children had manners and parents were in charge, but my child did not behave that way in public, or she went home.  Yes, this meant I went home and missed out on whatever it was, too.  Boohoo.

In the very front of the theater, in front of the front row of seats, were gigantic cardboard cartons of something.  That was distracting, too, when the screen was light enough to view the room. 

It was still an enjoyable evening out of the house, costing me nothing but a little gas money.  Though I appreciate the theater experience as a whole, I generally prefer to watch my movies at home via Netflix or Redbox, so that I have control over my environment.  Guess that's my inner control freak.  lol