Sunday, January 9, 2011

Product Recommendation - Target Market Pantry

Where Target has Up and Up for its non-food items, their general-quality food items are packaged under the Market Pantry name.  Specialized foods are packaged as Archer Farms.

Today's item is Market Pantry ready-to-bake, break & bake, oatmeal, cranberry & walnut cookie dough.  I bought these on a whim, since I actually had a coupon for a different Market Pantry item.  I like oatmeal cookies, particularly oatmeal chocolate chip or oatmeal cranberry (I HATE raisins, just fyi).  I'm not necessarily a fan of walnuts, but I figured I could eat them in this combination.  They come in a flat package, much like other break & bake cookies in the refrigerated section.

The first few times I bought them, I ate them, one at a time, from the package, when I needed a 'sweets' fix.  Yes, I know, raw cookie dough is dangerous and sugar is bad for me.  Whatever.  I liked them like this, and bought a couple more packages.

On another whim tonight, I decided that I would go ahead and bake some, just to eat them the way Target intended.  I liked them better raw.  The cookies turned out a great brown color at about 25 minutes.  They stayed soft out of the oven a little too long, making me have to wait to put them on something that could go in the fridge, or put cookie pieces on the plate. 

When I eat oatmeal cookies, I like tasting the pieces of oatmeal in the cookie, and the texture those pieces give to the cookie.  These cookies don't have that texture, and I didn't taste any oatmeal pieces.  The cookies taste floury rather than oatmealy.  Though I do like them as a sweet fix in their raw state, I'll probably find something else now that I know the finished product doesn't taste like I want it to.

For a better oatmeal cookie product, try Nestle.  They make (or used to) an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie in a tube, that tasted good raw or baked into actual cookies. 

I bought these cookies myself and got nothing except the pleasure of eating them.