Friday, December 31, 2010

Product Review - Tropicana Trop50

This is another product for which I had a coupon.  I like juice, and like to try new ones, and in particular I like to try blueberry and pomegranate juice blends.  I tried the Pomegranate Blueberry version. 

Even with the coupon, I did not get my money's worth here.  The label claims 50% less sugar and calories, so even though it's juice, I should have expected lesser taste.  It does, in fact, taste like a low-calorie not-really-juice drink. 

Most of the juice contained in this blend is from juice concentrate, if that makes any difference to you, and it's sweetened with Reb A (Pure Via brand), whatever the heck that is.

I did not enjoy this drink, and will not be buying it again, even with a coupon.  The only positive was getting a nicely-designed carafe-type container with a wide mouth, which I can use repeatedly for making better-tasting juice from frozen.

I got nothing from this except the questionable pleasure of drinking something other than tap water.

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