Sunday, December 26, 2010


Paybox is a new way to pay and be paid online.

It's in the growth stages right now, and will be fully operational sometime this spring.

I've been looking for alternatives to Paypal for a while now, so that I can exchange money for simple things, while avoiding the exorbitant fees that Paypal charges Business or Premier members.

When Paybox goes fully operational, there may be some additional perks for those of us who were early adopters.

Currently, while it's building its framework of merchants and such, Paybox does not ask for more personal information than your name and address.

After three days of logging in, reading the blog and answering a few polls, my balance is nearly $80 - that's means they're paying us to work the bugs out of this before it goes live.

It can't hurt to check it out, and if you join through the link above, yes, I will get a small referral fee.

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