Sunday, November 14, 2010

My presence is requested

Apparently, Baby Potatohead has requested his gramma's presence tomorrow (ahem, later today) for some nail trimming.  Mama and Daddy Potatohead are house-sitting and so are not in the next room.

I am far from stupid and therefore I know that the actual translation of this request is, "Mom, I know you told me what you did with his nails, but I wasn't listening, and even if I had been, I wouldn't have known what the hell you were talking about anyway, so would you PLEASE do his nails again?"  Except I added the please for emphasis. She might or might not have actually said please.

Regardless, I miss my Baby Potatohead, and so I shall go trim the nails of His Majesty and thereby get to spend a little time with him.  Maybe I'll also steal a few kisses and some cuddles.

His mama sure doesn't cuddle me anymore.  Brat. :D